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Request Regarding Environment Impact Chemical Substances

Nikon-Trimble has established the standards in the document “Environment Impact Chemical Substance Lists” regarding the environmental impact chemical substances used in procured products based upon applicable national environmental regulations, both in Japan and overseas, as well as related international conventions. Our Procurement Partners are requested to observe these standards. For information regarding target materials, main laws and industrial standards, targets, thresholds, use examples, and exceptions, see the document “Environment Impact Chemical Substance Lists.”

(1) Prohibited Chemical Substances

For procurement items, inclusion of the prohibited chemical substances listed in the document “Environment Impact Chemical Substance Lists” over the threshold is prohibited. If no threshold is set, intentional addition is prohibited.

(2) Controlled Chemical Substances

If procured items contain controlled chemical substances listed in the document “Environment Impact Chemical Substance Lists,” the type, use location, use amount, use process, etc., are appropriately managed and should be reported immediately if requested by Nikon-Trimble.

Environment Impact Chemical Substances Lists

Edition 2.4 (Revised December, 2023)

English version       Chinese version

Conflict Minerals

Policy on Conflict Minerals

In view of the situation that four minerals (conflict minerals: tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold) mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries are used to finance armed groups, aggravating conflicts, human rights abuses and environmental destruction, Nikon shall not, with the cooperation of our Procurement Partners, use conflict minerals mined or intermediated by armed groups.

Operation Policy

We request our Procurement Partners to understand and agree to cooperate with our Policy on Conflict Minerals. Our Procurement Partners are also encouraged to cooperate with the surveys and audits conducted by Nikon and to perform responsible procurement of mineral resources within its supply chain.

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